Wireshark Application for 3x3 Three spatial stream cards


Hi Everyone, Good Afternoon.
I have WLAN code enabled for SNIFFER. I need to check the working of it. I have following setup. 1)Atheros AP (3x3) card 2)Atheros 3x3 Card as a sniffer.Application for Sniffer is : Wireshark 1.12 version. It is able to capture the beacon frames from the AP. But i dont see any data rates supported by 3x3 (It was showing till 54 Mbps) AP in that captured beacons.So ,My question is that
1)Should we change anything in the Wireshark code to decode 3x3 packets.

2)Is there any specific Wireshark Release useful for 3x3 cards,

Please Help me in getting this clear.


Hari Babu.