Wireshark help

HI all,

New to wireshark and still getting to grips with it and working out how to decipher the packet info I am receiving.

As usual I was running a scan on my home network which has 1 desktop, 2 laptops and 2 mobile android phones. It usually shows my ip and the other ip addresses linked to the router, when one of the laptops joins, i usually scan the router to check the ip address and the ip changes, i think set manually, then after about 10 minutes I recheck and the ip gets assigned to the laptop as you would expect such as and my desktop would be In between the ten minute window between the ip address changes via the laptop, my own ip address in wireshark suddenly shows up as the name of my actual pc and not my ip address. When wireshark first starts, my ip address is showing wich I would expect, then the laptop joins the network under (I presume) a manually assigned ip address and then my own ip address changes to my pc name??

anybody else had this happen, I also did a netstat command on the cmd line and this showed up?

TCP [xxxx::xxxxx::xxxxx:Xxxxx]:2869 Nox:53918 ESTABLISHED

I have since blocked port 2869

any ideas?