Wrong Time Displayed on Web Pages



This is my first post.

I got Nagios 2.5 on OpenBSD up and running using this kernel-panic.it/openbsd/nagios/ :

And so far so good. The only little thing bothering me right now is the web page displays GMT time and I am an hour later than that. My system time is correct. So I dont know where Nagios grabs it time from.

I saw a similar post in this forum from 2006 but with no resolution.

Any ideas?

Thank you,

Granada Spain


check this out:



Thanks Tonester but the problem isnt with the OS time. When I do a:


I get back the correct date and time. The problem is Nagios is reporting everything an hour earlier (GMT) and I would like the logs to reflect the right time.

There was someone in the forum running the same version of Nagios on OpenBSD and they had the same problem but got no answer.